What Do I Need To Know Before Ordering?

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If we do not receive your feedback within 24 hours, we will assume that you have accepted the following policies.

We value transparency, accountability, and providing honest service. Our aim is to communicate proactively with you regarding any potential issues with your order.

Before placing your order, please consider the following:

 ● Do you require a gift box?

 ● Can you accept 3-7 days' lead time?

Yes, we typically have a standard lead time of 3-7 days for order processing. During this time, we conduct three quality inspections to ensure the highest standards of quality.

 ● Are you comfortable with the estimated delivery time?

It usually takes 12-25 days, While we strive to provide estimates, please understand that Unforeseen factors can affect delivery times. 

Order Total Over $800: You Can Pay Via Local Bank Transfer

We have established local bank collection accounts in multiple countries, especially suited for B2B customers. For orders totaling more than $800, you have the option to make direct payments through your local bank.

If your order total exceeds $800, you have the option to make direct payments through your local bank. This choice empowers you to enjoy minimal to zero transaction fees compared to PayPal.

Before confirming your order, please ensure:

 ● The delivery address is accurate.

 ● The product's size, color, and quality meet your expectations.

Within the first 24 hours of placing your order, you have the flexibility to:

 ● Cancel your order.

 ● Request changes to your order details.

Should you have questions or need to modify your order, please notify us promptly. Please note that once an order is shipped, we are unable to make alterations.

Beyond the initial 24-hour window:

 ● We strictly adhere to a policy of not modifying order details.

 ● In case of an incorrect address. 

You can rectify It by contacting your local carrier once the tracking ID indicates the shipment's arrival in your vicinity. Alternatively, provide a new shipping address for reshipment arrangements.

Therefore, we strongly recommend thorough verification of the shipping address and product details during the ordering process to ensure a seamless transaction.

After placing an order, anticipate two emails:

 ●  An order information confirmation email - within 2 days.

 ●  A product images confirmation email - prior to shipment.

Timely email responses are crucial: effective communication expedites order processing and reduces potential delays. Your prompt replies facilitate quicker delivery.

Please check your email regularly post-order placement. We will send a confirmation email within two days of your order and a second email before shipping.

The second email includes images from our quality inspection, allowing you to preview the product's quality.

Remember, please respond to our first email as it's crucial for processing your order. Failure to do so will result in your order not being processed.

About Color Variations: Please understand that this is unavoidable. For complete details, please refer to our 'About Color Variations'

Minor color differences between the actual product and images are normal. Even authentic products may exhibit slight color variations, which are unavoidable. We appreciate your understanding.

To minimize color variation, we provide unaltered on-site product images and videos captured using an Apple phone camera. We prioritize transparency in presenting our products, even if it entails extra effort.

Due to email size constraints, we cannot send detailed pictures or videos of the actual inspection. For more visuals, please reach out to us via WhatsApp or Facebook for a prompt chat.

Sometimes, slight defects in the product are unavoidable, such as minor details in the processing like threads. Even if the genuine product is carefully handcrafted, it can't guarantee perfection.

We Do Our Best to Improve All Our Services, But We Don't Promise 100% Perfection.

We stress the importance of setting reasonable expectations for our products. Even authentic items, which can cost many times more than ours, may exhibit minor imperfections when closely examined.

In light of this, we encourage our customers to establish realistic product expectations. It's essential not to anticipate absolute perfection but rather understand that, just like with genuine products, minor flaws may exist when closely scrutinized. This approach ensures a more balanced and satisfying shopping experience.

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